Monday, 3 March 2014

Few FTSE100 companies implement responsive web design

New research from The Search Agency reveals that few of the FTSE100 companies are readied for the mobile marketing age.

2014 is dubbed the year of mobile, but even the biggest of companies don't appear to be totally committed. A new report from The Search Agency found that less than half (42%) of FTSE100 companies have mobile-optimized websites, potentially harming their brand and losing them valuable customers and sales. Almost three-quarters (72%) of consumers in the UK now have a smartphone.
The FTSE100 websites were scored based on five factors - load speed, site format, calculated download speed, social media presence and app presence.
Just 2 of the 100 companies had responsive web design and almost all (99%) had mobile site load speeds of more than 1 second, the time recommended by Google for mobile loading. More than a third (37%) took more than 5 seconds to load.
Meanwhile, social media connections were also low with just 43% of companies linking their mobile websites to social media and just 9% linked to apps. 


Saturday, 22 February 2014

Further to ' is SEO Dead?'

This is an excerpt.
"Search engine optimization is not dead.  It is alive and well; it has just gone social like nearly everything else.  Social media has come to be a dominant force in everyday life, including marketing and business.  Attaining SEO success now depends in large part on the social capital of your content.  Although keyword research still matters, content writers should focus on creating highly shareable content first and foremost.  Every time your content is liked on Facebook, tweeted on Twitter, “+1ed” on Google+ or shared on LinkedIn, it receives a stamp of approval—boosting its reach, increasing website traffic, enhancing SEO, and inciting greater lead generation and conversion." 
You can read the article but I really need to comment on it, particularly the part  'It is alive and well and has just gone social' that is like saying the Titanic is still around just that it is laying at the bottom of the ocean,  Old fashioned SEO is DEAD, get over it. Every SEO company is screaming, what Google has been saying for a long time, content is king. Sure your site should be as complaint as possible, and most professional web designers will ensure that it is.  If your site was built by the enthusiastic 14 year old down the road for R500, then maybe you do have problem. If you have been buying 30,000 links to your site, then maybe you do have problem. If you have bought 10.000 hits on your site, and unbeknownst to you they all come from Outer Mongolia, then you do have a problem.
Look for a decent web designer, who has been around for three or more years, who has a portfolio that matches your aspirations, and who is a member of some professional body, that holds him accountable. The quickest way to sort through them is to see which one have proper phones (not cellphones) and if he is a registered company, then he is serous about staying in business.